new photo-eye website

The greatest bookstore in America, photo-eye, launched their new website today. Included is their magazine and a blog. It is well worth checking out.

Robert Frank and “The Americans” is featured heavily in the magazine. This story about the conversation with Charlie LeDuff got my blood boiling again. Jeff Ladd, the author, refers to him as “evasive” in public. LeDuff’s article in Vanity Fair points that out plainly. But, any effort by LeDuff to engage Frank was deemed clownish. No one has taken Frank to task for being evasive. Well, I am now. Anyone who has/had a problem with this interview should place the blame directly on Frank’s shoulders. He is evasive and he chose LeDuff. This fact is glossed over because no one wants to criticize Robert Frank. Well, I am. If you do not like what you hear in this interview, write Robert Frank a letter. Or me, I can take it.

Charlie LeDuff is one of the last characters left in Amercian journalism. When I say characters I am putting him up there with Norman Mailer, Tom Wolfe, George Plimpton and Hunter S. Thompson. I  doubt someone who treated Frank reverentialy would have gotten less out of him than LeDuff did. Also, from what l understand Frank chose LeDuff, a fact that is glossed over. After reading his article I don’t think that there is anyone else who could have accomplished what LeDuff did.

OK, that is off my chest, no go to photo-eye and buy a book. I would suggest this I almost bought it when I was in Santa Fe a few weeks ago. I bought this instead. Nice work all around.