Yankeetown on Fraction #13

Downtown Elmira, NY

My Yankeetown series is featured in issue 13 of Fraction Magazine. David Bram deserves a big thanks for all he is doing with Fraction. The best part about being published is being surrounded by strong work from Jessica Todd Harper, Dalton Rooney, Emily Shur and William Greiner. I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica at the SPE conference last year in Dallas. Dalton makes the great Portfolio theme, which my website uses. I have followed Emily’s work since I saw this video.  Amazing work all around.


As seen in Fraction Magazine


I am honored and humbled to be a part of the new group show “Fathers and Sons” curated by Aline Smithson at Fraction Magazine. I have been photographing my children since they were born. Doing this I was able to see the joy and personal value of photography, something that had been missing in my life. Doing it also motivated me to go to graduate school. When I came to Texas, what had been my personal work took on a new focus. I was unsure it of because it is my family and had a seeming lack of gravitas. Well, I am not totally sure on how I feel about putting images of my family out there, but the project does have gravitas. I see that now.

When I made the decision to go to graduate school I was emailing any photographer who had an MFA whose work was remotely similar to mine. I cam across the work of Todd Deutsch, who suggested I look at the work of Brian Ulrich. I also found Dennis Chamberlin. All three of these men were kind enough to answer my questions about what graduate school I might fit in at. It is humbling that four years later I am included with both Todd and Dennis.

I do not know all of the photographers represented. I have been following the work of Timothy Archibald and Byron Wolfe for some time. But the others in the show amaze me. I need to step my game up. I need to be more intentional my camera, not just lazy with my mobile phone.

Like everything in photography, I think I am the only one photographing his kids in a serious manner. The internet reveals the truth, I am not. Places like Fraction Magazine really open my eyes to all of the amazing work out there. Thanks Aline for including Alex and I in this.