Being good does matter in this economy.

Marie Griffin © The Rocky

UPDATE: I changed the picture because I wanted to celebrate those working to put the last edition out.

When I left journalism nearly three years ago I thought to myself, if art school does not work out, I always could go back to newspapers. Well, I was wrong. The global economic meltdown will take the Rocky Mountain News out of the news game tomorrow. Today executives from E.W. Scripps told employees that Friday is the last day. Here is a newspaper that is popular with readers, easy to read (tabloid), solid journalism (a number of recent Pulitzer Prizes), and a place a lot of people wanted to work. Somehow, someway something went wrong. The internet? Things like craigslist are killing the classified advertising.  Earlier today when I heard it was closing I thought of Wes Pope, who I know who works there, but also of Denver. Not only are bunch of talented people out of work, but Denver loses the most. The American dream died today. The idea of hard work paying off with a good career does not matter, this economy is eating everyone alive.

When I came back to school I cashed in my 401K and pension to pay off a bunch of debt, that I have since doubled. All so I could get a better job, but those prospects have me nervous too. My initially reaction to the Rocky closing was a string of expletives, I guess I still have the a bit of the journalist in me.