On display for one more week


My “Sale Day” images at the CADD Art Lab in Dallas.

The group MFA show “Launch” is up for one more week at the CADD Art Lab in Dallas. On Thursday night at 7 p.m. there will be an artists talk with Julie Barnofski, Angel Cabrales, Gabriel Dawe, Tim Harding, and Kyle Kondas all speaking about their works in the show. If you get a chance stop by.

I personally would like to thank Anne Lawrence and the galleries in CADD for giving us this opportunity.


In the Gallery

In the spirit of David Burnett and Andrew Hetherington, I broke out the G10 and made a short video in the Fort Worth Community Arts Center Gallery Five, where sidelines will open Friday. It does not have the insight or production value of a John Harrington video, but I thought why not? I am planning on a couple of more as the show progresses.

sidelines part 1 from Tom Leininger on Vimeo.