Jay Maisel

This is the second Jay Maisel recording I came across this week. Over on The Candid Frame, Ibarionex Perello has an interview with him. Click on the December 20 button in the player.

George Jardine has interview with Maisel and Richard Benson here. Here is another interview, it needs to be read though.
Maisel is a photographer I have grown to appreciate. His work in color was not something that I was drawn to initially. Color work did not hold my attention early on because I was mainly using black and white film. Now when I read or hear him I am drawn to views of the medium. I am more interested in his newer work. Maisel is someone who has been working for a long time and now is exploiting digital for all it is worth. In the Perello interview, he says that he is now using higher ASAs and making pictures he would not previously been able to. That speaks to the power of digital.
The video is part of a series of Conversations at the Summit which is part of the educational programing from Rich Clarkson’s Summit Series of Workshops. If you are looking for a workshop I was strongly suggest this series. I have known Rich Clarkson for a number of years. He and his crew know how to put on an event.